Wired THINK controller

P/N.: AZVAFTHINKCB   /  EAN: 8435503533434

Graphic interface with low-energy e-ink screen and capacitive buttons for controlling zones in Airzone systems. Finished in steel and glass. Wired communications. Powered by zone module. 


  • Available in English, French and Spanish.
  • Control of temperature, operation mode (main thermostat), user mode (main thermostat) and system speed or airflow (depends on the type of installation).
  • Room temperature and relative humidity measurement of the zone.
  • Configuration stages control (air, radiant or air+radiant).
  • Timer function.
  • Weather forecast (optional).

1. The thermostat is located away from the habitable area of the zone and that generates discomfort

2. When I switch on the Airzone system, the AC unit does not activate

3. When I turn off a zone, the damper remains open

4. I need to connect several thermostats to the main control board and there aren\'t enough connectors

Thermostat basic functions
12 Jan 2018
Language: English

Data Sheet
08 Jan 2018
Language: Multilingue

User´s Manual - VAF
08 Jan 2018
Language: Multilingue

Installation Manual - VAF
08 Feb 2018
Language: English

Error 1: Communication error between wired thermostat and zone module (AZVAFDAMPERxxC / AZVAFZMRADC / AZVAFZMxxxC)

Error 2: Communication error between control board and zone module (AZVAFDAMPERxx [C/R] / AZVAFZMRAD [C/R] / AZVAFZMxxx [C/R])

Error 3: Motorized element not connected to the actuator output

Error 4: Motorized element blocked

Error 5: Temperature probe - Open circuit

Error 6: Temperature probe - Short circuit

Error 9: Gateway-System communication error

Error 10: Communication error between the BACnet Integration Gateway and the system

Error 11: Gateway-AC Unit communication error

Error 12: Communication error between Airzone Cloud Webserver - system

Error 13: Communication error between Control board and Relay Radiant Heat Control Module

AC unit error: Error in the AC unit

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